Open Floor Dance

What is Open Floor?

Open Floor International is a collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from around the world who fell in love with the dance and have been personally healed by it.  We are also artists, therapists, techies, professors, athletes, and actors, joining together to share what we have learned from decades as teachers and movers.

Open Floor Movement Practice is a lively, sweaty, full-on dance inquiry.

Ask, how am I now? What’s possible? Find direction. Add fire. Push the limit. Embrace paradox.

There’s an essential movement language we all speak when we take these questions to the dance floor. We call on universal elements that are inherent in any moving body, such as breath, gravity, centering, expansion and contraction. This is the common ground that all embodiment practices share.

Whats in it for us?

Since the beginning of time human beings have gathered to dance. Mindful movement is surging all over the planet because it’s good for us. People who dance regularly have keener minds, greater emotional intelligence, and a calmer presence. Connection, compassion, and communities grow. In this challenging world, common sense tells us to spend time dancing.