Conscious Dance Brighton


Fridays 12th & 26th January with Salma Darling

Fridays 9th & 23rd February with Salma Darling

Friday 8th & 22nd March with Salma Darling

Friday 5th April with Salma Darling

Saturday 29th June 10am - 5.30pm SUKHA Awakening Joy Dance and Mindfulness daylong with Salma Darling (see information below)


At “The Studio” 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton BN2 3PF

7pm-9pm  (**DOORS CLOSE 7.20pm**)


A lightly led conscious dance space inviting embodied presence

*  Dance  *  Play  *  Connect  *  Deepen in Awareness *

Music to inspire creative expression, connection and sensing our inner world

Liberate your body, mind and heart

Advance tickets via Eventbrite are a sliding scale from £12 earlybird to £20

Tickets on the door £20 CASH if any left

No previous movement experience necessary, move in your own way at your own pace
We welcome all gender, racial, religious and cultural identities
Come alone or invite your friends!

Dance barefoot or in soft-soled indoor shoes, and wear loose, layered clothing - it gets hot! (there are changing rooms). Bring a re-fillable water bottle
As a movement meditation, no chit chat on the dance floor, no alcohol or drugs.
Lower age limit 16, no upper age limit

In Wild Divine Dance we are invited to move in our own way, at our own pace, to a variety of music in the company of others.  With light facilitation to support exploration, we’re invited to show up as we are and move what is, holding in kind presence all aspects of our humanity. Getting curious about the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of unfolding, we dance to reveal the wisdom of the body, open our hearts and awaken to life.


SUKHA Awakening Joy Dance and Mindfulness daylong with Salma Darling

Saturday 29th June 10am - 5.30pm

Joy is an authentic state of being that is long lasting.

Immersing in conscious dance, woven with the stillness of meditation, we'll explore the different types of joy, and how we, individually and collectively, can get more if it!

SUKHA (from Pali, the ancient Indian language that Buddhist texts were written in) the word is translated as happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss - are all felt in the present moment.

Joy comes in many different flavours and look different as we express them very individually - quiet contentment, bubbly enthusiasm, gladness, energetic radiance, a simple quiet feeling of peaceful connection, calm or ease.

There will be facilitation to help you to connect with your body and drop into dance, some teaching on Joy, with an emphasis on space to allow individual and collective dances to emerge and evolve.
Dancers of all ages, abilities and energy levels are welcome, including those who are new to conscious dance.
When: 29th June 2024
Where: At “The Studio” 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton BN2 3PF (short bus/taxi from Brighton station)
Time: 11am–5.30pm
Price: £65 / early bird (before 28th April) £55


“Personal benefits of my work with Salma Darling:  more laughter, more beauty, more love, more translucency, deeper connection to the TRUTH of life, more playfulness, more roars, and lot’s more to come I hope!”    Richard, designer and producer, California USA

“This dance has become a haven in the week, a place of permission to be just as I am”   Sasha, Brighton UK

Salma’s dance is a space to unwind, discharge, relax, exhilarate, be sad, get angry, release and be the pure energy I am – allowing it to move, flow, agitate, girate, rotate, splurge, explode, settle and be calm – wonderful!!!” Aaron, Brighton UK

“Salma’s teaching is gentle and fun. Understated.  Opening ourselves is respected, welcoming subtlety, vulnerability”  Peter, Brighton UK

“Really loved the dance and I was full of nervous trepidation. Thanks for holding the space and see you soon”  JK, Brighton UK