About Wild Divine Dance

The approach supports instinctive free movement, with guiding philosophies rooted in Buddhist meditation, western psychology and ecopsychology.

With the support of music, drumming, sounding and sensitive dance movement meditation facilitation, we explore expanding awareness and our capacity to be present with what shows up in our bodies, hearts and minds.

Salma wild divine dance

We move with ourselves, each other and in community, with spaciousness to follow, unfold and simply be. The powerful combination with mindfulness invites us to dive whole-heartedly into the fullness of each embodied moment with permission, curiosity and kindness. Together with witnessing we invite energy to move freely, with creativity and authentic expression. 

Movement suggestions are offered to encourage knowing what’s present right now, and expanding inner and outer relational exploration.  You will be invited to move in your own way, bringing permission, non-judgemental awareness and curiosity to movement.  The scores engage the whole being: inner sensation, outer physical movement, the heart, mind and relationship.

Workshops are indoor or both indoor and outdoor.  The outdoor workshops emerge through sensing and physically feeling the environment with the whole body and are location-specific, not simply imposing the kind of dance we do on an indoor dance floor onto the landscape.

Wild Divine Dance guidance is based in:

Universal principles used in all dance movement, such as breath, grounding, spatial awareness and release
Integrated understanding of Laban Movement Analysis including: Time, Weight, Space & Flow
Mindfulness and Lovingkindness rooted Buddhist teachings
4 elements meditation as taught by Burmese meditation master Pa Auk Sayadaw
Jungian Authentic Movement and Witnessin
Consideration of infant movement development
Responsiveness to the inner (human) landscape and outer environment
• Relationship with self, other, group and the universe
•Aligning the electrical field of the body with the electrical impulses of the earth

Why Wild Divine Dance?

– Awaken the physical and emotional intelligence of your full being
– Find resources, wellbeing and healing
– Allow new possibilities in body, mind and heart to emerge
– Learn practical tools for being present, connecting, peace and aliveness that can be used in everyday life
– Nurture connection, collaboration and community
– Discover your inner artist, dancer and creative being
– Play and have fun in the process of discovery
– Recharge through inviting in the healing power of nature and deepen your engagement with the earth
– Reconnect with your passions


We are all bio-ecosystems living within a greater ecosystem.  When we move with sensorial awareness of our internal environment in relation to our external surroundings, we open our whole being to nature.  This connects us with a deeper awareness of the truth of our interrelatedness, and our natural capacity to live with aliveness and harmony  is restored.

“Personal benefits of my work with Salma Darling:  more laughter, more beauty, more love, more translucency, deeper connection to the TRUTH of life, more playfulness, more roars, and lot’s more to come I hope!”    Richard, designer and producer, California USA

“This dance has become a haven in the week, a place of permission to be just as I am”   Sasha, Brighton UK

Salma’s dance is a space to unwind, discharge, relax, exhilarate, be sad, get angry, release and be the pure energy I am – allowing it to move, flow, agitate, girate, rotate, splurge, explode, settle and be calm – wonderful!!!” Aaron, Brighton UK

“Salma’s teaching is gentle and fun. Understated.  Opening ourselves is respected, welcoming subtlety, vulnerability”  Peter, Brighton UK

“Really loved the dance and I was full of nervous trepidation. Thanks for holding the space and see you soon”  JK, Brighton UK